Avalon Customers

Our Customers are Independently Owned and Operated Retail Jewellers across North America and India. They are well-established Jewellery Stores that have grown with their community to become multiple brand jewellery retailers. Their years of experience and services have built a legacy of integrity and trust within their community and with their customers. Personal relations with their customers are the foundation of their success. These Independent Jewellers personally help to select the exact style & design that celebrate the important occasions and milestones of their customer’s life. Only Independent Jewellers can truly give the personal service and detail attention to every purchase that their customers make over the years.

We continuously keep on making improvement and upgrades behind the scenes to enhance not only the look and feel of customer websites, but also its ease of use and functionality to the consumers. We offer best of breed solutions and services to our customers by utilizing the latest technology to integrate both Fashion & Style with the Beauty & Romance of Jewellery seamlessly into our customers’ websites.

Our Customers Websites are the gate-way to their store 24/7 and the most cost effective way to advertise and market their brand. With Avalon Solution, our customers can be assured that they will always have the best marketing channels and tools to Create, Establish and Grow their Business & Enhance their Brand!

Tour a few of our more than 500 Retail Jewelers Storefronts to explore the features and power of our solution.

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