Avalon Solution values our Customers, their Comments and Feedback. Below are a few of our Independent Retail Jeweler’s Testimonials that are utilizing Avalon’s Web Services to Grow their Business and Build their Brand. It is this mutual success that motivates us to continuously improve our ECommerce Solution for the Independent Jewelers!

Our Valued Customers

Our Customers Testimonials

"I've tried several different ways to produce an ongoing website...from hiring high paid developers to building my own. It's not the building, but the maintenance that always stopped me cold. Thankfully the Avalon Solution came along, I signed up, and now I have a professional website that is actually functional, updated, and impressive.

It's exactly what I needed from a developer. Coupled with the fact that it is spearheaded by one of my vendors is the icing on the cake. Thank you so much for having the vision and understanding of what I as an independent jeweler need. This feels more like a partnership than ever before. Thanks again!"

Andy Koehn | Owner | BIG Member
Koehn and Koehn Jewelers
West Bend, WI | 262-338-1600

"The Website is incredible, and it made selling a lot easier this holiday season. I was very surprised how many people went on the site and came in with a print out of what they wanted for Christmas.

The wish list feature makes the sale for you! And also it is very easy to customize the site; (adding upcoming events and promotions etc.) I am looking forward to using this long overdue (for me) sales tool to help my business grow."

Frank Intorcia | Owner | IJO Member
Frank Anson Jewelers
Staten Island, NY | 718-987-9412

"Thought I'd let you know that we are pleased beyond our expectations. Our web site has created more sales in the last three months than we expected it to do in a year. Great Job! Thanks,"

Rodger Thomas | Owner | CBG Member
Rodgers The Diamond Store
Lee's Summit, MO | 816-525-6061

"We are so excited about our new website, the look is great. We are proud to give out our site to our out of town customers as well as our home town. Our customers have called in and inquired about a specific piece on the web and we are able to follow along with them. We had one customer come in and ask to sign on to his wish list because he had picked a few styles for his new bride as a wedding gift. We had a $2,200 dollar sale that day. This is a great way to get our designs out there. Thanks,"

David Hutcherson | Owner | IJO Member
Hutcherson Jewelers
Monroeville, AL | 251-743-3681

"We have been very pleased with our new website designed by Avalon Solution. We are enjoying numerous improvements over our old website. One thing we like is the continual updating and improvement to the website. It keeps an updated bridal catalog and sales flyer on the site. It also provides links to our designer collections of watches and jewelry. I would highly recommend Avalon’s website and expertise to anyone considering a new exciting website."

Ron Taylor | Manager | IJO Member
Gem Jewelers
Ada, Ok | 580-332-2277

"The Monday after Super Bowl Sunday 10 minutes after opening our Franklin Park Mall Store a man purchased an Ashi Engagement Ring for $6,000 retail. We ran our TV Adv 2 minutes before game started highlighting our website. The entire time he was watching the game she was shopping our website."

Phil Kajca | Owner
J. Foster Jewelers
Maumee, OH | 419-878-9998

"We are extremely excited about the new website that we just launched last month with your company. The opening page looks very professional along with the quality of the images. Now we can compete with the big websites. We also like the data we receive daily about the statistics from viewers. This information is vital to our business and we utilize this information for our advertising. We look forward to all the future benefits to come with this website...this was definitely one of our best investments this year."

Beth Owens | Owner
Skatells Jewelers
Spartanburg, SC | 864-576-6434

"I have been wanting a website for a couple of years now. When I finally read the information packet from Ashi-Avalon, I was impressed with all of the efforts to that point. Now that my site is up and running, it is beyond my dreams that my store could be so professionally represented on the Internet. I would like to thank all who have made this possible at Ashi and Avalon. I am also very excited with all of the upcoming improvements and additions slated for 2008. I know this will add value and longevity to our already more than a decade long relationship."

David Fredborg | Owner
Gold & Gems Jewelers
San Bernardino, CA | 909-888-3592

"As a single mom/business owner trying to manage every facet of my jewelry store, I wanted a website that was first class, yet I knew there was no way possible for me to build a website on my own that would be of the quality I was looking for. I was amazed when I saw the first class website you had made available - it was perfect for a store like mine. I have received numerous compliments from customers telling me how great my website is... I've even been told it is the best site they have ever seen! Thanks for a job well done - I am looking forward to seeing "what's next"!"

Nancy Eklund | Owner
Signature Jewelers
East Grand Forks, MN | 218-773-0711

"I wish to inform you that we are very happy with the new web site that you have created. Comments from our customers were very positive. We have had more response with the new web site in the last few weeks than we have had in the past four years with our old web site. Some of the voluntary comments are related to the ability to see the make up the item in terms of number of diamonds, total diamond weight and gram weight of mounting.

That type of information is becoming very important with customers using web site information. We have had a number of engagement ring printout brought by customers and the majority walking out with the item on that day. We are very pleased with the response and we are using the web site address on all print and TV advertising including bags. Kind regards,"

Ison Fontenot | Owner
Hallmark Jewelers
Lafayette, LA | 337-232-7000

"Our customers were mentioning our new Web Site left and right this December, at least 10 times more than before. We like the large selection of Jewelry available because our previous Web Site had dated merchandise that was not readily available. One customer came in with a picture of a Journey Pendant that we had in inventory for an easy and immediate sale! We also sold a Three Stone Ring to a regular customer shopping on line. I think it is going to be a Home Run for us!"

Stanley Bruno | Manager of Fallen Timbers Store
J. Foster Jewelers
Maumee, OH | 419-878-9998

"We are excited at the potential our new website has. We had a customer walk in with printed pictures of the website items resulting in a $2,700 sale. We utilized the wish list program to write an order with pictures and prices and a total of the order. Also the pictures and details of the inventory have been great for doing appraisals."

Shane Woodruff | Owner | CBG Member
Crockers Jewelers
Texarkana, TX | 903-832-8686

"Thank you so much! David and I love the website. Don't worry, I'm telling everyone about my web page!!! I still can't believe we have a website, sometimes it feels as if I'm dreaming!! :) Your personal touch makes your company stand alone. You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much,"

Christina Guzzardo | Owner
Guzzardo Fine Jewelers
Hammond, LA | 985-230-4653

"TI noticed the ornament on the opening page......nice touch. Just to let you know, I've already delivered 4 or 5 items as a direct result of the web site. Thanks and great work.....my customers seem to love it."

Bill & Despina Simons | Owner | RJO Member
George Simons & Son Jewelers
Ludlow, MA | 413-589-0413

"We applaud Ashi for their insight into the power of the Internet and their commitment to assisting their customers to stay competitive in today's difficult marketplace. We find it amazing that they have made such a huge investment in both time and money to develop this wonderful web site that they are willing to share and customize for all of us! A beautiful site of this magnitude normally would be way beyond the means of all but the largest jewelers.

We have only had our Ashi/Avalon web site since April, and it already has far outperformed our old site. Customers shop on our site, and then come to our stores to buy the items they've seen on the site. These sales have been very easy, because the customers are presold on the items. Just in the past week, we've sold four rings from our web site, and one of them was for $5,600. The web site has greatly expanded our selection, and if we get a request for an item that we don't have in stock, we know that we can count on Ashi to send it to us in a couple of days.

The Ashi - Avalon Solutions people were extremely knowledgeable and made the transition to our new website very easy. They also have been more than accommodating in making minor changes, and they have been very quick in helping us with our custom page, which now features our Estate Jewelry.

I highly recommend Ashi's innovative web site program to any jeweler who wishes to better serve their customers, enhance their brand recognition, and create new business."

Elaine L. Smith, G.G. | Vice President/Sales & Marketing
Freeman Jewelers
Allentown, PA | 610-434-6161