Why Online

The World Has Gone Online!

While a website will not replace the retail jewelry brick and mortar store, it is an important tool for showcasing what you have to offer.You can attract new customers early in the purchasing cycle and develop a strong relationship in a cost effective way. With a Web presence, it is relatively easy to attract new customers and service existing customers while maintaining an ongoing relationship and encouraging repeat transactions in a cost efficient manner.

Go Where the Customers Are

Recent surveys show that among the huge Online business opportunity, the retail jewelry business is one of the fastest growing. The percentage share of Online business in jewelry is twice that of other retail categories. Almost all major retailers have online presence as people now expect established businesses to be Online. Avalon Solution ensures that you have a competitive presence on this new channel to grow your business and your brand.

Make It Easy For People To Find You

Today more and more people first browse the internet and research about the product that they intend to buy before making their actual purchase.Having a presence on the internet is the first step to get in touch with a prospective customer. Your website establishes that critical first impression. Getting to know your company, learning about your products, brings the prospect a step closer to becoming your customer.

Let Your Customers Reach You Anytime From Anyplace

Unlike your brick and mortar store, your website is available to your customers while they are in their office or at home or on the road. Your customers can browse, research, email and save their favorites to their Wish List, ready to purchase at their convenience.

Conserve Resources

Capitalize on the most cost effective marketing channel. Maintaining your website presence and online marketing promotions, offers you the highest return on investment in comparison to any other conventional media. Most of your target customers are attached to their computers for work or leisure and accessible via this media. Why not reach out to them where they are most likely to receive your targeted message.

Capture Your Share of the ECommerce Market

In fact, according to recent surveys, online retailers are acquiring new customers at 15% annual rate versus 2% for brick & mortar stores. Out of this huge Online business opportunity, the jewelry business is one of the fastest growing: the percentage share of online business in jewelry is twice that of other retail categories. Make sure you have a presence in this new channel of growing your business.

Grow Beyond Your Physical Limit

The number of customers that you can reach is limited by your location, the size of your store and your business hours. But not so with your website. Any number of people, from any location, at any time, can browse your jewelry collection. This way, the customers that walk in your store are more likely to make a purchase.

Build Your Brand

People now expect reputed and established businesses to be Online. Whether you want to show your latest jewelry styles, promote your ecatalogs, educate your customers or target your customer base, having a web presence will help you build your brand in your marketplace.