Diamond Feed Integration
Diamond Feed Integration
*Diamond Feed Integration is included in Platinum and Diamond Plan. For Bronze | Silver | Gold Website Plans,
  you can get this as optional by paying one time setup charges given above.

We integrate loose diamonds database from industry leading diamond feed providers like Rapaport RapNet, Idex, M. Geller, RDI Diamonds or from any other expert diamond portals that you have signed up with. Offer your customers the facility to browse through exhaustive database of loose diamonds and directly place their orders from your website

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Diamond Feed Provider Rapaport RapNet

Rapaport offers a revolutionary, web-based solution for “brick and mortar” diamond and jewelry retailers, as well as suppliers and manufacturers, to compete more effectively in an increasingly competitive diamond and jewelry environment. It introduces a dealer-to-retailer-to-consumer, point-of-sales software solution for loose diamonds known as RapNet.

Avalon Solution has partnered with Rapaport to integrate RapNet Diamond Feed for customers websites. Our professionally designed diamond search interface on your website allows your customers to buy loose diamonds of their choice and needs through the RapNet platform.

The company's innovative software provides consumers with fast, real-time access to a vast diamond inventory from multiple diamond suppliers. This Diamond Feed Integration will allow you to offer diamonds from over 1,400 RapNet Suppliers on your own website. With over 650,000 diamonds listed daily, you can select the right combination of diamonds and suppliers to fit your customers’ needs as well as set your own loose diamond prices and markups.

Benefits of Diamond Feed Integration:

  • Integrate Diamond Search Tool seamlessly into your website’s theme
  • Your website showcases Thousands of Loose Diamonds
  • You do not need to keep any Diamond Inventory
  • Your customers can Search and Buy Diamonds directly from your Website
  • Your website gets more Traffic and become one stop solution for all Diamond and Jewelry needs