Product Management

Avalon Solution provides a very easy to use Product Management System for your website. Product Upload Wizard enables you to upload your own jewelry, watch and gift Products on your own website whereas by using Tab Management you can create customized tabs, categories and web pages. Vendor Content Management (VCM) gives you capabilities to display jewelry and watch brand products and make it available for your customers to buy directly from your own website.

Product Management - Benefits

  • Showcase your best selling Designer Jewelry Brands, Watches and Gifts Products on your website.
  • The most cost-effective way of showcasing your products for your customers to view and shop 24/7.
  • Organize and manage your products by Jewelry Designers and Watch Brands.
  • Flexibility to create and manage your website pages, categories and tabs to organize your products, marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Your uploaded products will be seamlessly integrated with existing styles on your website.
  • Easy to use - step by step - Product Upload Wizard integrated with your website admin section.
  • Automatically optimizes & converts your product images into thumbnail, product detail & zoom views.

Product Upload Features

  • Easy to use Product Upload Wizard via your website admin section.
  • Define prices for an individual product or for a category or for all the products on your website
  • Price Display/Hide options as well as Sale price display option on your website
  • Upload your designer brand products
  • Bulk product upload option for fast upload
  • Over 5,000 products with multiple angle view images
  • Short and detailed product descriptions
  • Create your own product data fields
  • Create categories and product pages for your products
  • Define a single product in multiple categories
  • Get a summary dashboard of your uploaded Jewelry, Watch and Gift products
  • Generate multiple images in different sizes with a single product image

Product Display Tools

Product Detail on Mouse-over

Product List page on your website gives an advanced mouse-over Java effect on style images which gives detailed product information on the same page. This feature enables your customers to get detailed information about the products they are interested in with fewer clicks. The time saved can be used to browse additional products and collections on your website as well as help to increase online and offline (in-store) sales.

Product Image Zoom

Give a crystal clear view you’re your jewelry and watch products with our Product Image Zoom feature. With just a roll of the mouse or click on Zoom button, your customers can see the finest details and quality of your jewelry styles. This feature will help you in building customers confidence in products and influence them to buy from you.

High Quality Multiple Angle Images

Upload multiple product images with different angles and views to allow your customers to feel comfortable in buying online. According to multiple surveys, conversion rates of online shoppers greatly increases with higher quality images and multiple product views.

Multiple Sizes with Resizing Charges

Define multiple product sizes and resizing charges based via your website admin. If you offer free resizing to your customers then you can remove these additional charges.