Shopping Cart

ECommerce simply facilitates the buying and selling of merchandise in a secure and trusted way over the Internet. Internet ECommerce is one of the most important Sales & Marketing Channels in today’s business. The amount of trade conducted over the Internet has grown exponentially - especially in Retail - disrupting old ways of conducting business and presenting unique opportunities to those that are willing to adapt to these changes. As a result, more and more Jewelry Retailers are embracing ECommerce in their Sales & Marketing in order to capitalize on this new and growing marketplace.

Avalon Solution offers a feature-packed, comprehensive ECommerce Solution that helps you to build your Branded Online Store. Avalon integrates Shopping Cart with SSL security, making your Website safe and secure for online shopping. Your customers will be able to browse your products, view details about their desired products, add selected products to a shopping bag or basket, and place an order for it by paying online. A Shopping Cart, on your website, acts as your "virtual store front" open for business 24/7, accessible anytime from anywhere. Your Shopping Cart comes equipped with two of the most widely used Payment Gateways - PayPal and Google Checkout along with Order by Phone option enabling customers to place their online orders directly with your store.

Avalon offers one of the best ecommerce solutions for the independent jewelry retailers. We, at Avalon Solution, understand the current market trends and importance of ECommerce in building your business and your brand. Facilitating ECommerce on your website requires integrating several technical components in your website architecture like Shopping Cart, Payment Gateways, Secure Sockets Layer etc. SSL Certification for your Shopping Cart is provided by Trustwave - the Industry Leader in Online Security Solutions and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Management Solutions. SSL Certificate Charges will be billed annually by Trustwave.

Shopping Cart Features

  • Avalon Shopping Cart is Safe, Secure and Fast
  • Open your Store 24/7 and Increase your Sales
  • Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment and Improve Conversion Rates with Easy Checkout
  • Avalon Shopping Cart provides Checkout to Registered as well as Guest Users
  • Integrated SSL Security with 256-Bit Digital Encryption
  • Integrated PayPal and Google Checkout Payment Gateways
  • Take Orders over the Phone for In-Store Processing, Shipping or Pick-Up
  • Define your own Shipping Methods and Rates
  • Offers Live Order Tracking to Online Buyers
  • Allows Shoppers to Save their desired products to a Wish List and move it to their Shopping Cart when they are ready to Buy
  • Allows Shoppers to Save items to their Shopping Cart and return later to finish Shopping

Shopping Cart Tools

Easy and fast checkout

Start your 24/7 online store with simple and clear checkout steps to reduce shopping cart abandonment. No unnecessary information or clutter, just easy and fast checkout.

Define Payment Methods

Define and manage various payment methods on your website. Integrate PayPal, Google Checkout or Order by Phone with your website.

SSL data encryption

Secure the checkout process of your Online Store with your own SSL Certificate and give confidence to your customers that they are buying products from a safe and secure website.

Shipping and Sales Tax Calculations

Define sales tax rate and all your shipping options for online customers. Shipping charges and sales tax is calculated automatically for customers during the secure checkout process via your website. You can give option for store pick-up or free shipping as well.

Define Sizing Charges

Sell jewelry styles in different sizes and define whether you want to charge sizing charges or not.

Digital Coupons and Promotions

Easily create and manage promotional and discount Coupons on your website. You can specify the date range for coupons to appear on your website. When your website visitors subscribed for a coupon by providing their name and email id, they get a discount coupon in their Email Inbox.

Add to Wish List

Add to Wish List tool provides customers the advantage of placing items on a wish list for future purchase. This tool invites shoppers to revisit your site and move items from wish list to shopping cart easily.

Automatic Order Confirmation Emails

Once your customer places an order on your website, you and they will receive an order confirmation email immediately. You can start processing orders as soon as you receive order confirmation emails.

Order Tracking

Customers can track their online orders. This feature can save on support time and keep customers happy.

Mobile Commerce

Sell your products on smartphones via mobile ready website. Our professionally designed mobile version is equipped with mobile commerce tool.

Sell on Facebook

Use our Facebook Store tool to list and sell products directly on your Facebook page. Now customers, without leaving Facebook, can view and purchase your products instantly.